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The Delhi government has started a free ration scheme to help the poor in the state. With this, the government has an aim of helping the taxi drivers, auto drivers, and ration card holders. Also, around 156,000 taxi and auto drivers will be helped. Therefore, we shall tell you more about the Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021.

Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021

The Free-ration scheme by the Delhi government is to help the poor in the state. With this scheme, the government will be able to help approx 7.2 million people holding ration cards. The government took this measure last year as well and helped many people. Seeing the gravity of the situation of the people in the state, this scheme has been launched again. Under this, the ration card holders of Delhi will get a free ration for two months.

Along with this, the auto and taxi drivers in the state will get Rs. 5000 from the Delhi government. CM Arvind Kejriwal announced this scheme via Digital Conference and stated the facts to the public. He mentioned two major decisions. One, to provide free ration and the second is to provide Rs. 5000 to the auto and taxi drivers.

Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021

Delhi Government 5000 INR Help For Taxi Drivers Scheme 2021

With the announcement of providing Rs. 5000 to the autorickshaw and taxi drivers of Delhi, there is a sigh of relief among people. Now, during increasing lockdowns in the state, many people have been forced to sit back at home. This has been a problem for everyone, especially the poor people who do menial tasks and earn their living. In such a time, the Delhi government has extended a helping hand to these people. Therefore, the BPL people with ration cards of Delhi will now get a free ration for two months. In addition to this, the other major development by the government is that it will provide Rs. 5000 to the drivers (auto and taxi).

In a situation where everyone is getting affected, it is the poor people who have faced the serious effects of the pandemic. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the government to help the public. And, at times like this, the Delhi administration has come up with good steps for the people. The Free ration scheme was launched last year as well when the whole nation was under lockdown for months. For this year, the addition is the Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021. However, the Chief Minister has said that providing free ration for two months doesn’t imply an extension of lockdown for the next two months.

State Delhi
Scheme Free Ration and Rs. 5000
Article Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021
Time Two Months
Beneficiraries Taxi Drivers, Auto Drivers, and Ration Card Holders

Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021 Details

The eligible beneficiaries must also know the complete information that includes the procedure, benefits, required documents, etc. Therefore, here and in the following paragraph we shall talk about the benefits and required documents.

  • A registered individual on the website will get Rs. 5000 from the Delhi government.
  • If the applicant dies for some unforeseen reason, the money will be given to the next nominee.
  • Additionally, the government will bear the cost of max. two children of a household.
  • Furthermore, people related to construction work will be provided with free food and stay in Delhi NCR.

Required Details and Essentials

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Marital Status
  • Type of Profession
  • Last Employer’s Details
  • Name of Last Industry or Place
  • Duration at Last Work Place
  • Bank Account Information
  • In case registered in other states, provide those details too.
  • All details of Family Members
  • Nominee’s Information and details
  • Children’s Complete Information

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Delhi Government Scheme Application Process 2021

Above, you read about the major benefits and essential details. Now, we shall inform you of the process required to apply for the scheme. This will make you aware of the procedure and you will be able to apply freely for the Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021.

  • Visit the government website for the scheme.
  • The link to register online will be visible to you on the screen.
  • Once you visit the link, you will be asked to fill in a form.
  • This form will consist of all the information that the government requires from your end to be able to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • Also, it is important to provide correct information to the government.
  • Now, check before submitting the application.
  • As soon as you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation text on your phone number.
  • You have to use these details ahead to log in and apply as a construction worker.

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Delhi Taxi Driver Rs. 5000 Help Scheme 2021 FAQs

Will the Construction Workers get free stay and food from the Delhi government for two months?

Yes, the Construction Workers of the state will get free food and stay from the Delhi government for two months.

How much does the government intend to pay the taxi drivers and auto drivers?

The government intends to pay Rs. 5000 to the taxi drivers and auto drivers of the state.

Was the free ration scheme launched last year too?

Yes, the Delhi government launched the free ration scheme in 2020 during the lockdown.

Does providing money for two months mean that the lockdown will last for two months?

Providing money for two months doesn’t mean that the lockdown in the state will last for two months. This is just to financially help the people.

How can I apply for Delhi Taxi Driver 2021?

You have to visit the official website to register yourself for this post.

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