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The government of West Bengal launched the Duare Sarkar Camps on 1st December 2020. Through these camps, people belonging to backward sections of the society can take benefit of various schemes in the state. For the people to be able to apply easily, the government launched the Camps. These camps are still running in the state successfully. Thus, to provide you with the information on the same, we have mentioned the Duere Sarkar Camp List 2021. West Bengal Sarkari Camp List District Wise online at excise.wb.gov.in.

Duere Sarkar Camp List 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the greatest of adversities in front of people and the government. During these times, the government had to start with more schemes and facilities for the people to get through. But even though the world is digital today, there are people and areas who are unable to access internet facilities. For these people, it becomes difficult to know the various schemes or apply them. To help as many people as possible, the government began the Duare Sarkar Camps on 1st December 2020. Since then, the government has been putting all the effort into the underprivileged people in the state. The government has these camps active now as well. Thus, it’s important for you to know about the Camps and related details to take the benefits.

Duere Sarkar Camp List

WB Duare Sarkar Camps List 2021

By the name of the scheme only it is clear that the government has been providing benefits to the underprivileged people at their doorsteps. Even though it started in December 2020, the government has organized its third phase. This third phase is to begin from 16th August 2021 and will last till 15th September 2021. Now, the beneficiaries can fill in forms at their homes and take the government’s support. Also, we would like to mention that there are around 18 schemes under the Duare Sarkar Camps. These are Swasthya Sathi, Sikshashree, Khadya Sathi, Kanyashree, Caste Certificate, etc. So, the beneficiaries can apply for any of these 18 schemes.

Also, you should know the main objective of the government behind this. With the help of Duare Sarkar Camps, the government intends to present awareness of the various schemes that it releases. So, the government has reorganized the Duare Sarkar Camps in all the districts of the state and deliver services at doorsteps. For this phase, the government has 17,107 camps for the 18 schemes. You can read the complete post for all relevant details on Duare Sarkar Camp.

excise.wb.gov.in Daure Sarkar Camps Status Check

Scheme Duare Sarkar Camps
By The West Bengal Government
Beneficiaries West Bengal Citizens
Objective To Aware People on Various Government Schemes
Duere Sarkar Camp List 2021 Available below
Year 2021
Schemes Available 18
Application Mode Offline
Website excise.wb.gov.in

Duare Sarkar Camps Benefits and Features 2021

Since we are talking about one of the biggest schemes that the West Bengal government has released so far, we shall talk about the features and benefits it presents. To know the features and schemes that the scheme has, give a read to the points below.

  • The Duare Sarkar Camps are available in all districts of West Bengal.
  • With the help of the scheme, a person can choose to apply for any of the schemes that the government has launched.
  • Since December 2020, the government has previously organized two phases of the scheme.
  • Also, earlier there were 15 schemes that the government focused on. But now, the government has added three more schemes.
  • This third phase is from 16th August 2021 to 15th September 2021.
  • Since this scheme is provided at the doorstep, the people can apply for the scheme offline
  • So far, the government has been able to help around 1.6 crore people of the state.
  • Also, for the third phase the government has finalised 17,107 camps spread across the state districts. However, it is working on establishing 32830 camps in total.
  • As per reports, last year, 2.75 crore checked the website and the government received 1.77 crore applications.

Duere Sarkar Camps Implementation 2021

We shall now let you know the implementation of the Duare Sarkar Camps scheme 2021.

  • Under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, the government setup an Apex committee and a task force for Kolkata and other districts to implement the Duare Sarkar Camps scheme.
  • This scheme is headed by Chief Secretary of the state, HK Dwivedi.
  • Also, secretaries of other departments also form a part of the apex committee.
  • For an OTP based access to the portal, a person has to register at hierarchial levels.
  • Also, a person is able to visit the Duare Sarkar camp schedules and locations.
  • This visit increases the footfall of Duare Sarkar Camps and then they can register.
  • In addition to this, all departmental schemes are integrated to be able to share data easily.
  • The government has also implemented IT systems to keep a track of the camp schedules and capture their GPS details.
  • Furthermore, the systems capture real-time data of the camps in the state.
  • With this, the authorities are able to plan the infrastructure of the camp and allocate necessary resources.

In addition to the data above, we shall also tell you the names of the services available.

Swasthya Sathi, Caste Certificate, Shikshashree, Khadya Sathi, Jai Johar, Toposili Bandhu, Kanyashree, Rupashree, Aikyashree, Krishak Bandhu, and Manabik.

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West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp List 2021 FAQs

How can one download the Duare Sarkar Camp List from the website?

To know the camps organized in your district, one can follow the steps below.
1. One has to go to the Duare Sarkar Camps website.
2. From the homepage, one has to click on the district-wise camps option.
3. Here, one has to select the district he belongs to.
4. After that, a complete PDF of the camps organized in the district appears in front.
5. One can check it and see the camp locations to visit.

What are the various ICT tools that the government uses for the portal?

The tools used by the government are Hourly Automated SMS, Geo Tagging, AI-Driven Forecasting, and Mobile App & Photo Sharing.

How many phases have the government organized under the Duare Sarkar Camps scheme?

For the Duare Sarkar Camps scheme, the government has organized two phases previously. This is the third phase of the scheme.

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