E Shram Card Apply Online 2021 CSC NDUW Shramik Card Status Check

E Shram Card Apply Online 2021: Check complete registration process for NDUW Shramik Card Registration Form 2021, CSC register.shram.gov.in application is available here. now you can check E Shram Card Status after filling up the application form.

E Shram Card Apply Online 2021

Government of India a few days back, started the E Shram Card 2021 for the workers of unorganized sector. So, this portal will thus feature their details, including the type of works. Their complete database will be on the portal. Therefore the workers can now do E Shram Card Apply Online 2021 themselves on the site and get their E- Shram card. Also, this will thus serve as the universal card which will thus work anywhere and so the workers can get the benefit of the govt. scheme.

E Shram Card Apply Online 2021

So, now we will have a detail look at the benefits of the Shram card, its eligibility and finally E Shram Card Registration 2021. Therefore you can check all the details at once here. And must thus make your digital card for availing its benefit anytime and anywhere.

E Shram Card Registration Form 2021:

E Shram Card Apply Online

Currently the Labour and Employment Ministry is doing their part for the labors of the Unorganized sector. Thus they are collecting the names and all the data of the same. And afterwards the applicants will be provided the E- Shram card. Moreover the eshram.gov.in will thus be able to register on this portal. And they will then get the eligible benefits.

The E-shram card will thus have the 12 digit Universal Account Number (UAN), which will be valid countrywide. And they can use it even if they have migrated to a new state. Thus using the same card, even the state service will be applicable to them.

register.eshram.gov.in Apply Online 2021

Portal Name E-shram
Portal launched by Indian Government
Scheme beneficiaries Unorganized sector Labors
Benefits of Portal Creating database of the Unorganized labors of country
Process Online mode
Portal register.eshram.gov.in

register.eshram.gov.in Card Status Check

All the applicants thus registering under the E-shram portal can thus avail the benefits once their profile have been verified. This will include the central as well as the state scheme benefits. The information of the workers or their database will thus be with the Govt. only. Therefore they can check if the worker is availing any central/ state scheme benefit or not. So now let us proceed and thus check the certain benefits the E Shram Card Registration 2021 will provide you :

  • Firstly the applicant is set to get 2 lakh rupees insurance following any accident. Thus this is being given under the PMSBY yojana.
  • Secondly and most importantly, all of their social security benefits will be applicable to them.
  • Financial Assistance to the holder of the E Shram Card. For instance during the pandemic or the national emergency cases.
  • Applicant can thus also avail the social security scheme with just single card, thus paperless work will be there.

E Shram Card Registration Form 2021

Now let us get the list of the documents that you will be finally needing in case you are wiling to go for E Shram Card Registration 2021. So we will now check the following list here:

register.eshram.gov.in Portal Registration

  • Applicants name
  • Your occupation/ profession details
  • The permanent address of the applicant has to be there.
  • The applicants must also have to produce the educational details, along with the professional or working experience.
  • Details of your family members must also be given there.
  • Finally your Aadhar ID Card and the bank no. which is thus associated with the same.

E Shram Card Registration Process 2021:

Finally let us proceed towards the step by step process of the E Shram Card Registration here. So, if you are too working under the Unorganized sector. For instance the construction workers, vendors, shoe polish workers, milkman, agricultural workers etc. Thus you can also register yourself under the same portal using the steps as given here:

  • Firstly you all must visit the site using the link https://register.eshram.gov.in/#/user/self.
  • Secondly you will just enter the “E Shram Card Apply Online 2021” page of the same.
  • For registration just few details will be asked. For instance your Aadhar ID and the mobile no. which is thus associated with the same.
  • Thereafter you must also mention the mobile no. which is thus linked with the aadhar no.
  • Finally mention if you are an active member of the EPFO and the ESIC or not and lastly enter to finally register there.

E Shram Card Status Check @ eshram.gov.in

You also get the benefit of checking the E Shram Card Status Check on the portal itself. The process is also done online. Thus you can check it now here:

  • Firstly you will have to visit the E- shram site using the link https://register.eshram.gov.in/.
  • Secondly now you will have to go to the “Already Registered” tab in the portal home page.
  • Afterwards you will have to login there and thereby check the dashboard of the same.
  • Thereafter if your E Shramik Card Status Check has been confirmed then you will there find the link for downloading the “E- shram card” option.
  • Else, if you didn’t find the link then you can wait until it gets active.

Shramik Card Appication Form Link Status Check

E Shram Card Registration & Status Check FAQs:

Is there any age limit on the registration for the e shram card online?

Yes. the age limit is there. Hence the ones between the age 16 yrs to 59 yrs will be thus allowed for registration.

Will there be any validity of the shram card that will be provided through the E Shram Card Registration process?

No. the digital shram card is thus valid for lifetime. Thus you can use the card until till that time.

Do I have to submit my professional and career documents during registration process?

Yes you must do that during the E Shram Card Registration process 2021.

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