NREGA Job Card List 2021

Download NREGA Job Card List 2021 now on MNREGA which is now converted into NREGA, people wants to check NREGA Status 2021 for their job card. well is the official portal, but we provide short and direct links to state wise NREGA Job Card List and Status options.

Under MNREGA, the government helps underprivileged families by providing temporary employment to them. For this, the government provides job cards to the people who apply. The government keeps on releasing a MNREGA Job Card List 2021 that people can check anytime. In this post, we shall help you know more about the NREGA Job Card List 2021. Check MNREGA Job Card Status Online, Job Card List and MNREGA Status Check 2021.

Check NREGA Job Card List 2021 officially for all states here on this page or at National Rural Employment Guarantee Act provide jobs to people for 100 days a year for financial assistance.

NREGA Job Card List 2021

With the help of the National Regular Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, the government provides employment to poor families. Also, this improves the financial conditions of the people who work under NREGA. Another name for NREGA is MNREGA, i.e. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Through the scheme, the government ensures the right to work for people who find managing finances difficult. Talking about the scheme, the government provides 100 days of work to the laborers paying them to provide some stability. To keep helping these people, the government frequently releases the registrations. After that, the applicants receive Job Card 2021 from the government that makes them start working under MNREGA. The government releases a state-wise list on the job cards for people to know their MNREGA Job Card Status.

MNREGA Registration Form 2021

NREGA Job Card List

MNREGA Job Card List 2021 Online

Everyone knows that with the help of NREGA, the government intends to support poor families. However, not every poor family is eligible to apply for this. All the people who need help have to apply to the government. Then, the government checks if the people are eligible. Those who are eligible then receive MNREGA Job Card Status 2021 from the government and begin working. This card consists of details of the applicant and they are registered with the Gram Panchayat. NREGA job card works basically as an identity card of the individuals and also as proof of being a worker. Through this card, the individuals can apply for paid work in local areas and ensure that the process is transparent and not a fraud. Also, individuals can use this card to complete the KYC process at post offices and banks, even to open bank accounts.

While talking about NREGA Job Card, it is important to mention that the government provides individuals with the forms online. Once a person gets to know about the scheme, he can apply as per the eligibility. From time to time the government releases the NREGA Job Card List 2021 which can be checked from the website. Also, they can check it in the village/ area nearby. Job Card List 2021

Scheme National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) or MNREGA
Website /
Category NREGA Job Card List 2021
Beneficiaries Poor Families
NREGA Status Check Available Below
Benefit Financial Assistance and Job for 100 days
Registration Time Throughout the Year
Job Card List Available on this page

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MNREGA Job Card List Status 2021 Benefits

Since we are talking about the nrega job card status that individuals receive from NREGA authorities, we shall know its benefits as well. Thus, in case you have any doubts regarding the MNREGA job card, you can check the benefits here. After reading them, you will surely be more clear on the scheme and can apply more easily with the authorities.

  • With the advancement in digitalization, it’s now possible to apply for the scheme online.
  • Interested people can check the Job Card list on the website only.
  • The government initiated the scheme to increase the standards of underprivileged families and provide them with jobs for 100 days in unskilled labor work areas. Also, the scheme improves the livelihood of the rural areas.
  • Through the MNREGA Job Card List 2021, the individuals know the wage they will receive and the tenure of work.
  • Applicants get work within a 5 km range from their homes and minimum wages are paid.
  • Also, in case the government cannot provide work in 15 days from the application date, the government has to pay employment allowance to the individuals.

NREGA Job Card List 2021 Status Check

Before talking about the steps to check the MNREGA Job Card List Status 2021, we would like to talk about the scheme. Initially, under the leadership of Narasimha Rao, the government presented the idea of NREGA in 1991. Then, both the parliaments accepted it and the government launched the scheme in 625 districts of India. Later, by 2014 it became one of the biggest employment schemes for the poor and rural areas. Also, we would like to mention some factors related to the NREGA Job Card Status 2021. For the card, the individuals have to verify the bank/ post office account number and SECC Tin Number. A photo of the individual should be there on it and it should consist of allocation, work done, and the demand.

  • Go to the NREGA website, i.e.
  • On the website’s main page, you will see the Transparency and Accountability option.
  • After selecting the link, you have to select the state or union territory from which you belong.
  • Then, from the drop-down menus that appear, select the financial year, panchayat, block, and your district.
  • Now, click on the Proceed tab and then, you will see your name on the NREGA Job Card List 2021, Search for it.
  • On finding your name, go to the link near your name.
  • After that, all details of your job card will appear on the screen.
  • Therefore, it is important for the applicants to check the details regarding the duration of labor employment and the pay scale.

State Wise NREGA Job Card 2021

Links For NREGA Job Card List 2021 at

FAQ’s For NREGA Job Card List 2021 At Status

Can we check state-wise lists on the NREGA website regarding the Job Card List 2021?

Yes, the authorities present state-wise job card lists, that you can obtain from the website.

Does the MNREGA Job Card 2021 have a job card number?

Yes, the MNREGA Job Card 2021 has a job card number that is separate for each card holder.

Are the applications for NREGA open throughout the year?

Yes, the interested people can check the applications throughout the year.

When Will State wise MNREGA Job Card List 2021 Release ?

NREGA Job Card 2021 has been released officially for all the states, everyone must visit this page and check it.

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